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  • Secondhand & Savvy in London, Ontario October 13, 2017 Its #WasteReductionWeek and textiles (aka clothing and other fabrics) are a MAJOR part of the problem. Did you know the average person throws away 37 kilograms of textiles each year, and 95 per cent of those clothes could be reused or recycled? Globally, textiles waste has increased dramatically due to the rise in clothing consumption ... Read more
  • Member Feature: Garden Club of London October 2, 2017 The Garden Club of London is a community organization that was established back in 1951. This organization has a variety of different projects and initiatives within the environmental community in London, mostly focusing on gardening and horticulture. Myself (Ksenia) and Kaitlyn Tyschenko (LEN Communications Coordinator) went to visit Lynne Schmidt at the Civic Garden Centre ... Read more
  • Resilient Cities Conference September 18, 2017 Resilient Cities Conference: Preparing London for a rapidly changing future In the context of urban environments, resilience can be defined as the capacity of individuals, neighbourhoods, businesses, institutions, and cities as a whole to bounce back and even become stronger after acute events such as hurricanes or chronic stresses such as smog. The Resilience Cities Conference will explore how ... Read more
  • Nature London Plaque Unveiling – Cause for Celebration! September 6, 2017 One of the oldest societies in London is being honoured by the Historic Sites Committee of the London Public Library. Nature London will be recognized by the unveiling of a commemorative plaque on October 13, 2017 at 3:00 pm near the Civic Garden Complex in Springbank Park. Originally founded in 1864 as an Entomological Society devoted ... Read more
  • How the Goodwill Green Advisory Team is Creating Greener Workplaces August 15, 2017 Goodwill Industries is spreading its goal to make the world a greener place with the Green Advisory Team. This is a committee within Goodwill Industries which advocates for sustainable practices in the business workplace, and consequently, in workers’ homes. I spoke to the co-chair of the Green Advisory Team, Andrea von Wahl, to learn more ... Read more
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