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  • How the Goodwill Green Advisory Team is Creating Greener Workplaces August 15, 2017 Goodwill Industries is spreading its goal to make the world a greener place with the Green Advisory Team. This is a committee within Goodwill Industries which advocates for sustainable practices in the business workplace, and consequently, in workers’ homes. I spoke to the co-chair of the Green Advisory Team, Andrea von Wahl, to learn more ... Read more
  • Project Neutral is hiring! July 28, 2017 With new three-year funding from Ontario’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Project Neutral is investing in our tech platform, adding new features that will help them engage more households and catalyze the adoption of low-carbon actions, as well as expanding their footprint to five new cities across Ontario. They’re recruiting dynamic people to join their ... Read more
  • Summer Update: What is LEN up to? July 5, 2017 Summer is here and we bet you are outside taking full advantage of the delightful weather. Despite being outside and probably not near a computer (maybe you’re reading this on your cellphone actually), we thought you might be interested in hearing what the London Environmental Network has been up to. Skylar is aiming to have ... Read more
  • Partners in Climate Action Grant Program June 19, 2017 Ontario is launching Partners in Climate Action, a grant program designed to identify and support the development, testing and evaluation of innovative ideas to accelerate the adoption of low-carbon choices by Ontarians. The program will provide funding to projects that: help Ontarians understand how their actions contribute to climate change; identify and remove barriers to behaviour change; motivate ... Read more
  • Friends of the Coves Youth Leadership Volunteer Program June 14, 2017 Searching for youth interested in the environment! Are you, or do you know someone who is all of the following: – in highschool? – requires volunteer hours, or has a passion for volunteering – has an interest in building leadership skills – has an interest in environment, sustainability, and stewardship If you are, or know someone who has said “yes” to ... Read more
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