LEN Day of Refle-Action

On November 17th 2017, over 30 LEN members and Londoner’s gathered to reflect on 2017 and planned for future collaboration in 2018 for our Day of Refle-Action.

What did London environmental groups do in 2017 that went well? What didn’t go so well? What are your plans for 2018? We decided to call the event a Refle-action Day (reflection + action), because without understanding where we came from, how can we improve our future?

This one-day workshop was a chance for LEN members to meet other LEN members, hear what successes and challenges occured in 2017, share your learnings and re-calibrate for 2018. In the spirit of innovation, we want to learn from our mistakes and create new opportunities for the environmental sector to flourish.




Check out our recap and interview videos (coming soon) below, and check out the pictures as well here.

Children & The Environment:


Videography by: Elijah Agathos – Video Productions

Photography by Justin Fox