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Resilient Cities Conference

Resilient Cities Conference: Preparing London for a rapidly changing future

In the context of urban environments, resilience can be defined as the capacity of individuals, neighbourhoods, businesses, institutions, and cities as a whole to bounce back and even become stronger after acute events such as hurricanes or chronic stresses such as smog.

The Resilience Cities Conference will explore how London can build adaptive capacity to weather the “storms” of this new century by inviting cutting edge thinkers from our city and beyond. Participants will be challenged to consider the changes they can initiate in their personal and social spheres of influence. We hope that the conference will mark the beginning of a long journey for London as it transforms itself into one of the most resilient and sustainable cities in Canada.

Urban Roots London


Growing Fresh, Healthy, Connected Communities

Organizational Objectives

  • Urban Roots is a non-profit organization which focuses on two things: using vacant city spaces to produce food, and strengthening community connections.
  • We believe that the roots of our community and the roots of our food grow best when they grow together.
  • We are committed to organic growing practices and using local food waste for compost.

Volunteer Coordinator

Richie Bloomfield
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London’s Carolinian Food Forest


We are a collective of people interested in how our food, gardens, and people make community.

Organizational Objectives

  • This 1 acre experimental forest is planted on public park land in London Ontario in the beautiful Thames River valley.
  • Our project at aims to grow the knowledge base about local edible and medicinal plants as well as provide enough detail and inspiration to help you build your own food forest in the community you live in.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Event Planning & Setup
  • Workday Volunteers (helping with planting and maintenance)
  • Gardeners / Tree Planters
  • Be an Expert / Skill Sharing
  • Currently recruiting members to join the Steering Committee

Volunteer Coordinator

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Carolinian Food Forest
Carolinian Food Forest on Facebook

ReHarvest Canada


To support food literacy programs and foster conversation about food by rescuing healthy food that would otherwise be wasted.

Organizational Objectives

Decrease Hunger

  • We aim to reduce hunger by diverting food that would otherwise be thrown out to local food education programs. These programs not only provide those in need with access to food, but they also teach people how to make the most of the food that they have.

Reduce Food Waste

  • Around the world, nearly a third of all food produced is wasted; it costs Canadians $31 billion a year. Global food production requires immense resources and generates a third of human-made greenhouse gas emissions. Decreasing the amount of wasted edible food can make a huge environmental impact.

Create Conversations

  • Despite the immediate impact of the work we do, we understand that food rescue alone will not end hunger or solve food waste. We hope that by raising awareness about food issues on our blog and other media, we can reduce the amount of food wasted at all points within the food system while promoting food justice.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Community Outreach
  • Workday Volunteers
  • Volunteers with cars who can pick up food and deliver it

Volunteer Coordinator

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ReHarvest Canada
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ReHarvest Canada on Twitter
Instagram – reharvestcanada

Building Better


Building Better is a not-for-profit organisation committed to advocating and implementing sustainable building solutions in residential, commercial and public settings. Through campaigns, projects and workshops we hope to empower and enable individuals and communities to implement emission reduction solutions in existing structures, develop new, community run, zero emission facilities, and influence policy making to prioritize sustainable outcomes.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Event planning & Setup
  • Community Outreach

Volunteer Coordinator

Marianne Griffith
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Building Better
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Building Better Website


Workshop on Passive Climate Change Mitigation

The Council of Canadians monthly event on May 17, 2017 will be a workshop on the topic of passive climate change mitigation, covering two aspects of this: (1) passive solar construction and (2) carbon farming.

The workshop will start at 6:30 pm with a workshop facilitated by Celeste Lemire on carbon farming (carbon dioxide sequestration using various types of no-till agriculture), and after a short break for social and snacks (finger food only), Roberta Cory will facilitate a hands on workshop on passive solar design in housing construction, in which participants will make a model passive solar house from a box.

Hosted by the Council of Canadians, London Chapter

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Mary Campbell Housing Co-op
Common Room
587 Talbot St.

Doors open at 6:00 pm (social)
Program starts at 6:30 pm sharp
Pot luck snacks at around 7:15 pm
(Please bring snacks! Finger food only!)
We need to end the event as close to 8:30 pm as possible so that cleanup is finished by 9 pm, when we must vacate the venue.

Coffee, tea, juice, and water provided

Free admission!
Everyone Welcome!

Donations welcome

Bring a friend!! Let’s network!

Please note: Although this event is technically one of our “monthly meetings”, our monthly “meetings” are always monthly EVENTS that are open to the public and never include a business meeting. Our monthly business meetings are separate meetings for our steering committee and a few invited guests only. All of our planning and other business are carried out at our steering meetings.

London Electric Vehicle Association


  • To promote and advocate the use of Electric vehicles for their use as a cleaner mode of transportation.
  • To support EV owners and enthusiasts and to educate all parties in the advantages of EV usage.

Organizational Objectives

  • To have regular meetings and attend special events to support this technology.
  • To also advocate to all levels of government as to the advantages of going electric.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Event Planning and Setup

Volunteer Coordinator

Bob Porter



Contact Us

London Electric Vehicle Association
50 Byron Ave. E
London, ON N6C 1C5


Post-Carbon London


Post-Carbon London’s mission is to assist London and area with understanding and acting on issues surrounding peak oil and global warming through relocalization.

Organizational Objectives

In supporting our mission we maintain the following core values:

  • Supporting relocalization through reduced consumption and increased local production.
  • Supporting municipal, regional, community-based and cooperative responses to the crisis
  • Focusing on how global energy and global warming issues relate to London and the surrounding area
  • Recommending and facilitating legislative, regulatory and policy changes at all levels of government that help to address the crisis
  • Rejecting large-scale centralized energy solutions, such as coal and nuclear expansion
  • Supporting global carbon-reduction and climate-change mitigation strategies
  • Supporting peaceful, non-discriminatory, non-violent responses to the crisis
  • Supporting justice and respect for human rights, locally and internationally, in all responses to the crisis.

Typical Engagement Opportunities

  • Engagement with monthly Post-Carbon London discussion group. This group meets bi-monthly on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.
  • Research
  • Represent Post-Carbon London at events

Volunteer Coordinator

Shane ONeill

(519) 435-1527

Contact Us

Post-Carbon London
534 Princess Ave.
London, ON N6B 2B8

Post-Carbon London Meetups



EnviroWestern is a student-run group that provides both action and advocacy for environmental issues important to students at Western. The group also provides numerous opportunities for students to get involved. EnviroWestern has many new and exciting initiatives that the Western community can take advantage of each year.

Volunteer Coordinator


Contact Us

University Students’ Council
340 UCC Building
University of Western Ontario
London, ON N6A 3K7

(519) 702-2528

Citizens’ Climate Lobby London Group


Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) Canada is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization with a twin focus: to create the political will for a livable planet and to empower people to claim their political and personal power.

Organizational Objectives

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) London is a local chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby Canada. CCL promotes climate change solutions that bridge the partisan divide. We focus in particular on lobbying for the carbon fee and dividend system. Our work includes lobbying MPs and MPPs, writing letters to the editor, and engaging with local media to spread our message.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Community Outreach & Advocacy

Volunteer tasks include writing letters and editorials, meeting with MPs and MPPs, and communicating with the local media.

Volunteer Coordinator

Mary Blake Bonn

(226) 236-3637

Contact Us

Citizens’ Climate Lobby London
550 Ridout St N. Unit 1.
London Ontario, N6A 2R1

(226) 236-3637