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Trees for 3 Dots Planting Inc.


Community Tree Planting Made Easy. Trees for 3 Dots Planting Inc. will help broad-based community groups develop their neighbourhoods through tree planting projects.

Organizational Objectives

There are many great ideas to enhance the environment and improve communities through tree planting.   However there are many technical details that go into a successful implementation of a tree planting project that can seem overwhelming to a group of well-meaning volunteers. Trees for 3 Dots Planting Inc. (T43D) will assist with those technical details allowing the group to focus on the goals of the project and to rally the support of the community.  T43D’s team of experts will help with:

  • Project design and implementation planning
  • Obtaining permits and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations
  • Fund-raising, especially contacts with foundations, government grants, and corporate sponsors
  • Administrative support including reporting requirements to funding agencies
  • Material acquisition both of trees and planting materials
  • Equipment and tools
  • Access to a base of professional and community volunteers
  • Volunteer training in highly successful tree planting techniques
  • Planting Day event management
  • Development of an After-Care and Tree monitoring program

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator

Barry Sandler
Email Barry


Contact Us

Trees for 3 Dots Planting Inc.

Trees for 3 Dots Planting Inc. Twitter
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Trees for 3 Dots PLanting Inc. on Facebook


Trails Open October 1 & 2 – Westminster Ponds


The London Environmental Network is pleased to be hosting this year’s Trails Open event at Westminster Ponds. Trails Open is part of Doors Open, a province wide cultural event where people are invited into places they might not normally access. These include cultural ‘treasures’ of all descriptions. Trails Open is a part of London’s 15th annual Doors Open and Cultural Days October 1 & 2 and focuses on celebrating our natural heritage.

The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority describes the area as follows. “At approximately 200 hectares, Westminster Ponds / Pond Mills Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) is the largest publicly-owned ESA in London. The ESA is significant for its size and for its great variety of natural habitats within the boundaries of a major urban centre. The site is also designated as a Provincially Significant Wetland.”

LEN member groups will be offering a variety of activities at Trails Open to introduce the citizens of London to this natural gem in our community. Activities include guided hikes, presentations on future conservation plans for Westminster Ponds, native species planting, and a tree depot (free trees!) and tree cycling event (giving native species a new home).  LEN is proud of the collaboration between the environmental groups in putting on a program that features a broad range of the area’s most features.

For the most up-to-date information on what Nature London, Thames Valley Trail Association, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, ReForest London, and Thames Talbot Land Trust have in store check the trails-open-2016-schedule.

Access to the activities at Westminster Ponds beginning at 10:30 a.m. each day is via Western Counties Road (off Commissioners Road east, across from LHSC).

This is a family friendly event. Due to the large number of visitors expected and to keep disturbance of the natural areas to a minimum we ask that dogs be left at home.

Branching Out to Lend a Hand: CCH’s Environmental Leadership Program

What could be better than spending some time in the beautiful outdoors mentoring and teaching young students about nature, gardening, and forestation? For Dan Van Lieshout, a Canadian & World Studies teacher at London’s Catholic Central High School (CCH), nothing could be better than this. With his environmental studies knowledge and expertise, Van Lieshout is able to bring his passion for the eco-community into his everyday role as he leads students in the school’s Environmental Leadership Program (ELP).

On Tuesday, June 14th, the London Environment Network had the pleasure of spending the morning with Van Lieshout and his students in the ELP. We were able to watch them guide elementary students around Meadowlily Nature Preserve with assistance from one of our amazing members, Thames Talbot Land Trust. Situated in various stations throughout the conservation, these young students were shown how to plant and garden, the importance of forestation, and the habitats and traits of our community’s wildlife. Not only were the ELP’s student leaders very kind, responsible and patient with their groups but they also allowed chances for the young students to explore the land as well as their curiosity about nature.

After observing this program in action, it was clear to see that CCH’s ELP is a great opportunity for both its members and the young students that are able to participate in the spring and summer field days they host. It encourages students of all ages to think responsibly about our environment and take small steps towards a more eco-friendly future. The education and experience local elementary students gain from the ELP field day is simply unforgettable.

We can’t wait to see what the future of ELP has in store for London’s environment and all of their great success stories to come!

Optimized-CCH Environmental Leadership Program Collage

Written & Photography By: Katie Michiels
Marketing and Communications, London Environmental Network

Friends of Stoney Creek


The Friends of Stoney Creek works to improve the environmental health of the Stoney Creek watershed.


Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Event planning and setup
  • Community Outreach
  • Gardeners/Tree Planters
  • Skill Sharing

Contact Us

Friends of Stoney Creek
1424 Clarke Road
London ON, N5V 5B9

(519) 451-2800
Friends of Stoney Creek Website

Peaceful Parks Coalition


Peaceful Parks is a provincial grassroots citizen led group that is dedicated to preserving Ontario’s wild spaces through strong advocacy and creative public outreach.

Organizational Objectives

Peaceful Parks aims to foster a greater respect for wildlife and their habitat by encouraging a more compassionate  and sustainable perspective through education and dialogue.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Community Outreach

Volunteer Coordinator

AnnaMaria Valastro

Tel.: (519) 434-6897

Contact Us

Peaceful Parks Coalition
P.O. Box 326, Station B
Toronto, ON  M5T 2W2

Tel.:  (877) 785-8636

Thames River Anglers Association


Dedication Today for Tomorrow: “For the enhancement, protection and promotion of a viable, multi-species fishery within the Thames River watershed.

Organizational Objectives

The Thames River Anglers Association (TRAA) works at a grassroots level within the Thames River Watershed to:

  • protect, enhance and regenerate a viable, multi-species, year-round fishery
  • promote and participate in environmental cleanup, pollution control and rehabilitation
  • breed, relocate and stock to re-establish or augment appropriate species of fish
  • promote environmentally-sound sport fishing practices
  • form partnerships with community businesses, government agencies, special interest groups, landowners and other stakeholders in the Thames River watershed
  • increase public awareness of the unique diversity of the Thames River Watershed, its challenges, its recreational opportunities and its vital importance to our community

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • River cleanup
  • Construction
  • Hatchery rotation
  • Field studies
  • Event organizers

Volunteer Coordinator

Robert Huber

(519) 630-1892

Contact Us

The Thames River Anglers Association
2202 Coronation Drive,
London, ON N6G 0B9

(519) 630-1892

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority


Inspiring a healthy environment.

Organizational Objectives

  • Flood and Erosion Protection
  • Water Quality Protection and Improvement
  • Natural Areas Protection and Expansion
  • Conservation Areas
  • Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator

Mary Sloan

(519) 451-2800 ext. 277

Contact Us

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
1424 Clarke Road,
London, ON N5V 5B9

(519) 451-2800

Friends of Medway Creek


Community members promoting the protection and improvement of the Medway Creek watershed.

Organizational Objectives

The Friends of Medway Creek was established to collaborate with landowners, municipalities and agencies to identify potential restoration activities or sites and to engage the broader Medway Creek community in best management practices.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Clean-up days
  • Invasive-species removal

Volunteer Coordinator

Julie Welker

(519) 451-2800 ext. 255

Contact Us

Friends of Medway Creek
c/o UTRCA, 1424 Clarke Road
London, ON  N5V 5B9

(519) 451-2800 ext. 255
Friends of Medway Creek Website

Thames River Rally


Thames River Rally (TRR) believes that a healthy river is the lifeblood of a strong community.  We strive to find the most direct way to help Londoners get involved with cleaning up the Thames.

Organizational Objectives

Thames River Rally is a volunteer group that organizes monthly clean-ups of the Thames River within the city of London.  We target one area of the river per rally. Volunteers are welcome to spend as much or as little time as they can afford.   TRR recognizes that there are several groups and organizations likewise motivated to clean up the Thames, and seek to build greater collaborative efforts with these initiatives.   Please help us to maintain a “Healthy River, Strong Community!”

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers to join in on our clean-ups are always welcome.

Volunteer Coordinator

Tom Cull and Miriam Love
(519) 432-4067

Contact Us

Thames River Rally
119 Grand Ave., Apt 3 (Upper)
London, ON  N6C 1L9


Friends of Meadowlily Woods Community Association


To preserve and protect the integrity of the Meadowlily area.

Organizational Objectives

The Friends of Meadowlily Woods is a not-for-profit community association dedicated to protecting and preserving the integrity of Meadowlily Woods, Environmentally Significant Area, a natural woodland in our area.  We are also committed to saving the natural and historic nature of our community from inappropriate development that could endanger this natural area. We are interested in protecting and preserving the historic and cultural features of the area.

 Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Cleaning and clearing the area from litter
  • Protection of the natural area by cooperating and coordinating events with Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and the City of London

Volunteer Coordinator

Susan High


Contact Us

Friends of Meadowlily Woods Community Association
141 Meadowlily Road South
London, ON  N6M 1C3