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London Fanshawe Horticultural Society – General Meeting

Gail O’Neil from Nature London will share ideas for attracting birds to your yard. What plants will attract birds? How do we benefit from sharing our yard with birds? The best of the season– please bring in a picture of your most successful garden plant or activity from this past year to share with members either on a bulletin board or send it in a digital format to be part of a video to be shared at the AGM. Email your favourite picture to londonfanshawehortsociety@gmail.com

Contact name: John McLeod

Growing Chefs! Ontario Society


To get kids excited about wholesome healthy food!

Organizational Objectives

  • To build and maintain a healthy, empowered community that is engaged with our food system.
  • To provide an avenue for chefs and growers to get more involved in the community and to support food education.
  • To provide children with the confidence, knowledge and enthusiasm to grow and prepare good, healthy cuisine.
  • To support and encourage the development and growth of food education for children and families.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Event planning & Setup
  • Workday Volunteers
  • Gardeners
  • Skill Sharing
  • People with strong educational backgrounds to assist in curriculum development
  • People with program evaluation experience.

Volunteer Coordinator

Noelle Coughlin
Email Noelle
Phone: 519-679-4769

Contact Us

Growing Chefs! Ontario Society
Email Growing Chefs!

Sustainability at Fanshawe


At Fanshawe College, we are committed to improving our impact on the environment by creating a more sustainable footprint.

Organizational Objectives

We will reduce our waste and use natural resources and energy more efficiently. Adjusting our attitude and behaviour to consume and live with awareness, in consideration of the environment, is a vital part of what we do here at Fanshawe College. We support equity and equality across genders, race, culture, and generations in all things we do.

Volunteer Coordinator

Mary-Lee Townsend

(519) 452-4430 x 3934

Contact Us

Sustainability at Fanshawe
1001 Fanshawe College Blvd.,
P.O. Box 7005,
London, ON  N5Y 5R6

(519) 452-4430

London Fanshawe Horticultural Society


London Fanshawe Horticultural Societys (LFHS) mission is to promote, encourage, and educate its members in the values of horticulture within the community of London, Ontario.

Organizational Objectives

  • Provide our members within information on all aspects of horticulture, through holding regular membership meetings with speakers who have expertise in the horticultural field.
  • Engage members by volunteering in community horticultural projects that beautify and protect our city.


Volunteer Coordinator

John McLeod

(519) 660-1163

Contact Us

London Fanshawe Horticultural Society
1593 Adelaide St. N.
P.O. Box 51017
London, ON N5X 4P9
(519) 660-1163
LFHS Website

Garden Club of London


The Garden Club of London (GCL) works with the community and Nature to inform the public about horticulture, floral design and the environment through our work at Parkwood Hospital, the Woodland off Wonderland Road, and by presenting a Floral Exhibition every two years. We also work closely with the City of London and other community organizations the assist with our and their goals.

Contact Us

The Garden Club of London
625 Springbank Drive,
London, ON  N6K 4T1

Tel: (519) 471-6200

Community Gardens London


Community Gardens London advocates for, educates about, and celebrates community gardening and urban agriculture.

Organizational Objectives

  1. Advocate for, educate about, and celebrate community gardening and urban agriculture
  2. Answer questions about urban agriculture and community gardening; if need be, by referring those who inquire to persons, organizations, text material, or websites.
  3. Comment on local topics pertinent to community gardening and urban agriculture

Volunteer Coordinator

Robyn Harvey

Tel: (519) 439-7789

Contact Us

Community Gardens London

66 Palmer Street, London, N6H 1P7

London Community Resource Centre

LCRC LogoMission

To bring together individuals, organizations, and resources to foster community action and create positive social change.


To create inclusive, healthy communities through community gardens and related personal skill development.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Children’s Garden program volunteers
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Community Outreach
  • Office Assistance
  • Social Media
  • Cooking Demonstration volunteers
  • Fundraising

Volunteer Coordinator

Linda Davies

(519) 432-1801

 Contact Us

London Community Resource Centre
255 Horton Street, 3rd Floor, Suite 1
London, ON  N6B 1L1

(519) 432-1801