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Wild Child – Childreach


Supporting and strengthening parents and professionals through learning opportunities and relationships so that all children reach their full potential.

Take your kids outside!  Swap some screen time for wild time.

Wild Child Outdoor Playgroup Schedule
– Wednesdays at 10am at Kilally Meadows (Bridle Path entrance)
– Thursdays at 10am at The Studio (944 Western Counties Rd)
– Saturdays at 10am at Museum of Ontario Archaeology (1600 Attawandaron Rd)

Join us with your little ones every week as we head into the woods to enjoy free play in a natural setting.   Let us demystify the risks of outdoor free play and increase your confidence and competence in providing child-led, inquiry-based opportunities for your children.  We will meet no matter what the weather!  Dress accordingly, and bring a snack.  Everyone welcome!

This is a FREE nature-based program for families with children of all ages.  No registration required.

Got a question? Email Karen at kgair@childreach.on.ca or call us at 519-434-3644

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Work day volunteers – Volunteers to assist with the facilitation of the Wild Child Outdoor Playgroup

Volunteer Coordinator

Amanda Benton
Email Amanda

Contact Us

Wild Child – Childreach
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Wildchild Website
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Forest Festival

ReForest London is excited to invite you to our first ever Forest Festival in Harris Park on Saturday, August 19th! From 11 am to 3 pm, this family-oriented event is all about celebrating trees, forests, and our identity as the Forest City! A BBQ picnic from Growing Chefs will be offered by donation to the first 500 attendees, where every dish includes an ingredient grown from a tree!

We are partnering with local organizations to provide a fun-filled day of interactive activities for all ages.

Activities include:

·         A massive free tree giveaway

·         A bird show by the Canadian Raptor Conservancy

·         The Hood Archery

·         A giant interactive art piece from the London Arts Council that will be filmed by a drone!

·         A fire truck

·         Educational tree hikes

·         Local businesses, artisans and musicians

·         Environmental organizations

This is sure to be a huge and exciting event, so mark your calendars! It will be a tree-rrific time for all!

  • Date: Saturday August 19th
  • Time: 11 am – 3 pm
  • Location: Harris Park


Want to have a booth? We still have space for a few more tree-related businesses and organizations. If you are interested, email Kelsey Nicholls, Festival Coordinator at Kelsey@reforestlondon.ca.

Want to volunteer at the event? Click here to help with set-up or take-down, or contactvolunteer@reforestlondon.ca for more information.

Growing Chefs! Ontario Society


To get kids excited about wholesome healthy food!

Organizational Objectives

  • To build and maintain a healthy, empowered community that is engaged with our food system.
  • To provide an avenue for chefs and growers to get more involved in the community and to support food education.
  • To provide children with the confidence, knowledge and enthusiasm to grow and prepare good, healthy cuisine.
  • To support and encourage the development and growth of food education for children and families.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Event planning & Setup
  • Workday Volunteers
  • Gardeners
  • Skill Sharing
  • People with strong educational backgrounds to assist in curriculum development
  • People with program evaluation experience.

Volunteer Coordinator

Noelle Coughlin
Email Noelle
Phone: 519-679-4769

Contact Us

Growing Chefs! Ontario Society
Email Growing Chefs!

Trails Open October 1 & 2 – Westminster Ponds


The London Environmental Network is pleased to be hosting this year’s Trails Open event at Westminster Ponds. Trails Open is part of Doors Open, a province wide cultural event where people are invited into places they might not normally access. These include cultural ‘treasures’ of all descriptions. Trails Open is a part of London’s 15th annual Doors Open and Cultural Days October 1 & 2 and focuses on celebrating our natural heritage.

The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority describes the area as follows. “At approximately 200 hectares, Westminster Ponds / Pond Mills Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) is the largest publicly-owned ESA in London. The ESA is significant for its size and for its great variety of natural habitats within the boundaries of a major urban centre. The site is also designated as a Provincially Significant Wetland.”

LEN member groups will be offering a variety of activities at Trails Open to introduce the citizens of London to this natural gem in our community. Activities include guided hikes, presentations on future conservation plans for Westminster Ponds, native species planting, and a tree depot (free trees!) and tree cycling event (giving native species a new home).  LEN is proud of the collaboration between the environmental groups in putting on a program that features a broad range of the area’s most features.

For the most up-to-date information on what Nature London, Thames Valley Trail Association, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, ReForest London, and Thames Talbot Land Trust have in store check the trails-open-2016-schedule.

Access to the activities at Westminster Ponds beginning at 10:30 a.m. each day is via Western Counties Road (off Commissioners Road east, across from LHSC).

This is a family friendly event. Due to the large number of visitors expected and to keep disturbance of the natural areas to a minimum we ask that dogs be left at home.

Collaborative Composting Initiative: Hamilton Road Community

The London Environmental Network (LEN) has undertaken a collaborative composting initiative to engage organizations from all sectors in a community collaboration process.

LEN has received funding through the Sustainability Network’s Opportunities Track Program to lead the Composting Collaborative Project. As a result of a cross-sectoral planning process, three projects are now underway in London.

  • Residential (Individual) Composting – Thames Regional Ecological Association (TREA)
  • Community Composting – Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre (Hamilton Road Food Prosperity Initiative)
  • Institutional, Commercial & Industrial (IC&I) Composting – Collection of community non-profit and environmentally conscious businesses (who we will give more detail about in a future issue)

Today, we are pleased to share a preliminary report on the Hamilton Road Food Prosperity Initiative!

It’s hard to ignore the many benefits that stem from a community that composts regularly. It’s an important way to give back to our environment through such natural ways as the reduction of landfill waste, the creation of new, nutrient rich soil and aggregates, improvement in the overall air quality, and so on. This year, we have aimed to highlight collaborative composting initiatives happening right here in London starting with the Hamilton Road community.

The Hamilton Road community began their initiative in hopes to promote composting in the Dillabough community garden plot with the help of the London Community Resource Centre, Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre, Try Recycling, and compost experts from the community. The composter will be maintained by the youth participating in the Summer Splash program. Following the end of this program, these young participants will continue to promote the composting method within the Hamilton Road community; looking to turn this seasonal initiative into a long-term sustainable goal. The overall aim of this initiative is to promote and grow the awareness of composting and its ongoing benefits for the community’s neighbourhood and environment. With an aim to reach members in the local area, community gardeners and other who are simple interested in gaining more education on compost practices, the Hamilton Road initiative is finding ways to please everyone.

At this stage in the initiative, the composter has been built at the Dillabough community garden plot. This plot will soon be host to “Compost Talks” that will look to engage and involve youth from the community, Dillabough gardeners, and other Hamilton Road community members.

Here at LEN, we look forward to keeping you updated on the wonderful stories to come from this collaborative composting initiative at the Hamilton Road community.

A very special thank you goes out to Bethany at Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre for showing LEN around Dillabough garden plot.

Optimized-LEN Summer Photos - Katie-0904Summer-2016-LEN-Pictures-Katie-1-of-1LEN Summer Photos - Katie-0893Optimized-LEN Summer Photos - Katie-0891Optimized-LEN Summer Photos - Katie-0900

Written & Photography By: Katie Michiels
Marketing and Communications, London Environmental Network


Branching Out to Lend a Hand: CCH’s Environmental Leadership Program

What could be better than spending some time in the beautiful outdoors mentoring and teaching young students about nature, gardening, and forestation? For Dan Van Lieshout, a Canadian & World Studies teacher at London’s Catholic Central High School (CCH), nothing could be better than this. With his environmental studies knowledge and expertise, Van Lieshout is able to bring his passion for the eco-community into his everyday role as he leads students in the school’s Environmental Leadership Program (ELP).

On Tuesday, June 14th, the London Environment Network had the pleasure of spending the morning with Van Lieshout and his students in the ELP. We were able to watch them guide elementary students around Meadowlily Nature Preserve with assistance from one of our amazing members, Thames Talbot Land Trust. Situated in various stations throughout the conservation, these young students were shown how to plant and garden, the importance of forestation, and the habitats and traits of our community’s wildlife. Not only were the ELP’s student leaders very kind, responsible and patient with their groups but they also allowed chances for the young students to explore the land as well as their curiosity about nature.

After observing this program in action, it was clear to see that CCH’s ELP is a great opportunity for both its members and the young students that are able to participate in the spring and summer field days they host. It encourages students of all ages to think responsibly about our environment and take small steps towards a more eco-friendly future. The education and experience local elementary students gain from the ELP field day is simply unforgettable.

We can’t wait to see what the future of ELP has in store for London’s environment and all of their great success stories to come!

Optimized-CCH Environmental Leadership Program Collage

Written & Photography By: Katie Michiels
Marketing and Communications, London Environmental Network

London Block Parent Program (will be closing Dec. 2016)


To provide immediate assistance through a safety network and offer supportive community education programs.


To make London a safer place to live, work and play.


Safety, community and education

Organizational Objectives

  • Increase community safety
  • Strengthen community awareness through  education and volunteerism
  • Increase community partnerships
  • Support and promote health and well-being through active transportation

Volunteer Opportunities

The London Block Parent Program is excited to support a a Walking School Bus Program initiative to provide safe, environmentally friendly transportation to school.  This program utilizes Block Parent volunteer(s) walking students to school.

  • Block Parent Volunteers (Block Walkers) to walk students to school for the Walking School Bus Program
  • Administration Assistants
  • Workday Volunteers
  • Community Outreach
  • Event Planning and Setup

Volunteer Coordinator

Peggy Houston

(519) 681-5855
Complete our online form

Contact Us

London Block Parent Program (LBPP)
652 Elizabeth St.
London, ON   N6A 4L9

(519) 661-5855

Thames River Anglers Association


Dedication Today for Tomorrow: “For the enhancement, protection and promotion of a viable, multi-species fishery within the Thames River watershed.

Organizational Objectives

The Thames River Anglers Association (TRAA) works at a grassroots level within the Thames River Watershed to:

  • protect, enhance and regenerate a viable, multi-species, year-round fishery
  • promote and participate in environmental cleanup, pollution control and rehabilitation
  • breed, relocate and stock to re-establish or augment appropriate species of fish
  • promote environmentally-sound sport fishing practices
  • form partnerships with community businesses, government agencies, special interest groups, landowners and other stakeholders in the Thames River watershed
  • increase public awareness of the unique diversity of the Thames River Watershed, its challenges, its recreational opportunities and its vital importance to our community

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • River cleanup
  • Construction
  • Hatchery rotation
  • Field studies
  • Event organizers

Volunteer Coordinator

Robert Huber

(519) 630-1892

Contact Us

The Thames River Anglers Association
2202 Coronation Drive,
London, ON N6G 0B9

(519) 630-1892

Thames River Rally


Thames River Rally (TRR) believes that a healthy river is the lifeblood of a strong community.  We strive to find the most direct way to help Londoners get involved with cleaning up the Thames.

Organizational Objectives

Thames River Rally is a volunteer group that organizes monthly clean-ups of the Thames River within the city of London.  We target one area of the river per rally. Volunteers are welcome to spend as much or as little time as they can afford.   TRR recognizes that there are several groups and organizations likewise motivated to clean up the Thames, and seek to build greater collaborative efforts with these initiatives.   Please help us to maintain a “Healthy River, Strong Community!”

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers to join in on our clean-ups are always welcome.

Volunteer Coordinator

Tom Cull and Miriam Love
(519) 432-4067

Contact Us

Thames River Rally
119 Grand Ave., Apt 3 (Upper)
London, ON  N6C 1L9


London Fanshawe Horticultural Society


London Fanshawe Horticultural Societys (LFHS) mission is to promote, encourage, and educate its members in the values of horticulture within the community of London, Ontario.

Organizational Objectives

  • Provide our members within information on all aspects of horticulture, through holding regular membership meetings with speakers who have expertise in the horticultural field.
  • Engage members by volunteering in community horticultural projects that beautify and protect our city.


Volunteer Coordinator

John McLeod

(519) 660-1163

Contact Us

London Fanshawe Horticultural Society
1593 Adelaide St. N.
P.O. Box 51017
London, ON N5X 4P9
(519) 660-1163
LFHS Website