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Can Bike London Learn to Ride

You have a bicycle but don’t feel comfortable in getting on it to ride. We can help you, adult or child. Come to Grosvenor Lodge at 1017 Western Road London. Bring your bike and helmet. $10 fee is charged. Two hour course. Open up a whole new world of getting around on two wheels. Experience London in a whole new way. We teach how to balance, get started, stop, and steer. We start on grass and progress to paved driveway.  Contact gossevanoosten@gmail.com to reserve.

London Electric Vehicle Association


  • To promote and advocate the use of Electric vehicles for their use as a cleaner mode of transportation.
  • To support EV owners and enthusiasts and to educate all parties in the advantages of EV usage.

Organizational Objectives

  • To have regular meetings and attend special events to support this technology.
  • To also advocate to all levels of government as to the advantages of going electric.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Event Planning and Setup

Volunteer Coordinator

Bob Porter



Contact Us

London Electric Vehicle Association
50 Byron Ave. E
London, ON N6C 1C5



Mission  canbike snip

CAN-BIKE’s role is to educate
and advance public discussion and involvement to enhance cycling safety and training.

Organizational Objectives

  • Provide more opportunities and collaborations for cycling education/training in schools or at the community level
  • Meet needs for cycling training or education in the community
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles through cycling training to promote safe and enjoyable cycling
  • Educate road users on Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act and cycling rules of the road
  • Provide education or training aimed at reducing collisions and fatalities involving cyclists
  • Support cyclists and other road users who would benefit from adopting safer and more responsible road behaviours

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Year-round cyclists with strong safety skills are invited to help with displays and events

Volunteer Coordinator

Gosse Van Oosten
Email Gosse
Phone: 226 973 6218

Contact Us




EnviroWestern is a student-run group that provides both action and advocacy for environmental issues important to students at Western. The group also provides numerous opportunities for students to get involved. EnviroWestern has many new and exciting initiatives that the Western community can take advantage of each year.

Volunteer Coordinator


Contact Us

University Students’ Council
340 UCC Building
University of Western Ontario
London, ON N6A 3K7

(519) 702-2528

London Block Parent Program (will be closing Dec. 2016)


To provide immediate assistance through a safety network and offer supportive community education programs.


To make London a safer place to live, work and play.


Safety, community and education

Organizational Objectives

  • Increase community safety
  • Strengthen community awareness through  education and volunteerism
  • Increase community partnerships
  • Support and promote health and well-being through active transportation

Volunteer Opportunities

The London Block Parent Program is excited to support a a Walking School Bus Program initiative to provide safe, environmentally friendly transportation to school.  This program utilizes Block Parent volunteer(s) walking students to school.

  • Block Parent Volunteers (Block Walkers) to walk students to school for the Walking School Bus Program
  • Administration Assistants
  • Workday Volunteers
  • Community Outreach
  • Event Planning and Setup

Volunteer Coordinator

Peggy Houston

(519) 681-5855
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Contact Us

London Block Parent Program (LBPP)
652 Elizabeth St.
London, ON   N6A 4L9

(519) 661-5855

London District Renewable Energy Co-operative Inc.


London District Renewable Energy Co-operative Inc. (LDREC) provides Londoners with the opportunity to support the local community, to steward a more environmentally sustainable planet and through the purchase of preferred dividend shares, to be able to acquire a dividend-paying long term investment.

Organizational Objectives

London District Renewable Energy Co-operative Inc. (LDREC) is an Ontario renewable energy co-operative with share capital pooled from London area residents. It was incorporated in 2012. LDREC works to do the following:

  • Provide a vehicle for identification of local investment opportunities for Londoners
  • Intend to invest in local projects, and any returned dividends will go to local members
  • The development and maintenance of the projects will create local employment
  • Procurement of 20 year Feed In Tariff contracts provide stable long term revenue.

Volunteer Coordinator

Gary Zavitz

(519) 666-0890

Contact Us

London District Renewable Energy Co-operative Inc.
192 Dundas Street, 2nd Floor
London, ON  N6A 1G7

(519) 266‐6964

Thames Region Ecological Association


To increase the level of awareness of, and participation in sustainable efforts happening today in Thames Region.

Organizational Objectives

Thames Region Ecological Association (TREA) designs ecologically-responsible programs and events which encourage awareness of environmental issues and citizen participation that contributes to the overall heath and connection of our shared community.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Outreach
  • Education
  • Bike festival volunteers
  • Greening initiatives & events

Volunteer Coordinator

Diane Szoller
Email Diane

Contact Us

Thames Region Ecological Association
1017 Western Road
London, ON  N6G 1G5


Community CarShare


Community CarShare’s mission is to deliver a carsharing service and to promote carsharing as an important component of a sustainable transportation system.

Organizational Objectives

The co-op seeks to reduce overall transportation costs, traffic congestion and air pollution, thus improving our community.

 Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Car Stewards
  • Event Volunteers

Volunteer Coordinator

Jess Webster

Tel: (905) 543-4411

Contact Us

Community CarShare
203-290 King St. E.
Kitchener, ON  N2G 2L3

Tel: 1-855-SHARE-99 (1-855-742-7399)

London Cycle Link


Advocating on behalf of all Londoners to make London a cycle-friendly city.

Organizational Objectives

London Cycle Group is a volunteer-driven organization that advocates on behalf of all Londoners to make London a safe, healthy, cycle-friendly city. Partnering with local businesses, community groups, non-profits and city hall, London Cycle Group campaigns for better bike lanes and roads, promotes cycling safety to motorists and cyclists, and organizes events and promotions to get more cyclists on the road.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Event Volunteers (staffing, etc)
  • Research Communications (media, newsletter)
  • Advocates
  • Bike Mechanics

Volunteer Coordinator

Henk Ketelaars

Tel: (519) 672-8469

Contact Us

London Cycle Link
460 Woodman Ave
London, ON  N5W 3Z9

Tel: (519) 936-9495

Mantis Arts & Eco Association

Organization Currently Inactive – contact hello [at] londonenvironment.net if you want to discuss


MissionMantis Arts & Eco Association

Mantis Arts & Eco Association promotes the development of a culturally vibrant and ecologically regenerative city.

Organizational Goals

Mantis Arts & Eco Association organizes events that promote environmental awareness and advocacy as well as local arts and culture. We organize events such as the annual Mantis Arts & Eco Festival, Mother Earth Month, and the Eco-Garden Bike tour.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteers to help on the day of Mantis Festival including setup &  tear down
  • Children’s Art Coordinator
  • Welcome/info Booth Facilitator

Volunteer Coordinator

Becky Ellis

Tel: (519) 694-0534

Contact Us

Mantis Arts & Eco Association
711 Griffith Street
London, ON  N6K 2S5

Tel: 519-933-3877