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General Tree Care Workshop

Are you looking to learn more about how you can care for trees? Our general tree care workshop is intended to provide a basic level of knowledge regarding tree care, including planting, mulching, disease prevention and municipal tree bylaws.

You will leave knowing how to identify the most common tree diseases and pests and how to treat them. You will also learn how to properly water your trees and where to find more information on tree care.

Register here: www.treecareworkshop.eventbrite.ca

London’s Carolinian Food Forest


We are a collective of people interested in how our food, gardens, and people make community.

Organizational Objectives

  • This 1 acre experimental forest is planted on public park land in London Ontario in the beautiful Thames River valley.
  • Our project at aims to grow the knowledge base about local edible and medicinal plants as well as provide enough detail and inspiration to help you build your own food forest in the community you live in.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Event Planning & Setup
  • Workday Volunteers (helping with planting and maintenance)
  • Gardeners / Tree Planters
  • Be an Expert / Skill Sharing
  • Currently recruiting members to join the Steering Committee

Volunteer Coordinator

Email Carolinian Food Forest

Contact Us

Carolinian Food Forest
Carolinian Food Forest on Facebook

Fruit and Nut Tree Care Workshop


This workshop is being offered by ReForest London, through generous funding from the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the City of London’s TreeMegrant. The workshop will be conducted by Jessica Robertson, of Wild Craft Permaculture. Taking place at the Wood St. Park Food Forest, a citizen-led initiative to bring more edible fruit and nut trees to the local community.

Maximum participants is 35. If you can’t make the event, please let us know so that we can open the workshop up to other participants.

Address: 46 Wood St. (Path in between 44 and 48 Wood St). Parking on Wood St.

At this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Prune a fruit or nut tree
  • Detect issues with your tree
  • Intro to grafting
  • Tree maintenance tips

Reasons to plant and care for edible trees:

  • Grow your own food
  • Create pollinator-friendly spaces
  • Enjoy gorgeous blossoms in the spring
  • Small tree that can fit in almost any yard

What to bring to the workshop:

  • Notebook
  • Pen
  • Wear weather appropriate clothing
  • Pruners if you have them

Trees for 3 Dots Planting Inc.


Community Tree Planting Made Easy. Trees for 3 Dots Planting Inc. will help broad-based community groups develop their neighbourhoods through tree planting projects.

Organizational Objectives

There are many great ideas to enhance the environment and improve communities through tree planting.   However there are many technical details that go into a successful implementation of a tree planting project that can seem overwhelming to a group of well-meaning volunteers. Trees for 3 Dots Planting Inc. (T43D) will assist with those technical details allowing the group to focus on the goals of the project and to rally the support of the community.  T43D’s team of experts will help with:

  • Project design and implementation planning
  • Obtaining permits and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations
  • Fund-raising, especially contacts with foundations, government grants, and corporate sponsors
  • Administrative support including reporting requirements to funding agencies
  • Material acquisition both of trees and planting materials
  • Equipment and tools
  • Access to a base of professional and community volunteers
  • Volunteer training in highly successful tree planting techniques
  • Planting Day event management
  • Development of an After-Care and Tree monitoring program

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator

Barry Sandler
Email Barry


Contact Us

Trees for 3 Dots Planting Inc.

Trees for 3 Dots Planting Inc. Twitter
Email Trees for 3 Dots Planting Inc.
Trees for 3 Dots PLanting Inc. on Facebook


Friends of Stoney Creek


The Friends of Stoney Creek works to improve the environmental health of the Stoney Creek watershed.


Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Event planning and setup
  • Community Outreach
  • Gardeners/Tree Planters
  • Skill Sharing

Contact Us

Friends of Stoney Creek
1424 Clarke Road
London ON, N5V 5B9

(519) 451-2800
Friends of Stoney Creek Website

Hamilton Road Food Prosperity Initiative


The Hamilton Road Food Prosperity Initiative, operated through the Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre, works to develop local strategies to increase food quality and abundance in the Hamilton Road area.

Organizational Objectives

The Hamilton Road Food Prosperity Initiative will improve local food systems through the creation of Neighbourhood Food Coalition meetings, Food Families projects, and a Neighbourhood Food Hub.

  • The Neighbourhood Food Coalition involves a diverse group of stakeholders working collaboratively with the neighbourhood to share knowledge, information, and resources
  • Food Families is a cluster of differing food programs and activities that enhance food security of the families living in this neighbourhood
  • The Food Hub is a physical place in the neighbourhood that will offer a centralized access point to a wide range of food related programs, services, and resources available to community members

Volunteer Coordinator

Stanislav Rajic

Tel: (226) 926-1222

Contact Us

Hamilton Road Food Prosperity Initiative
c/o Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre
550 Hamilton Road
London, ON  N5Z 1S4

(226) 926-1222
HRFPI Website

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority


Inspiring a healthy environment.

Organizational Objectives

  • Flood and Erosion Protection
  • Water Quality Protection and Improvement
  • Natural Areas Protection and Expansion
  • Conservation Areas
  • Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Volunteer Coordinator

Mary Sloan

(519) 451-2800 ext. 277

Contact Us

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
1424 Clarke Road,
London, ON N5V 5B9

(519) 451-2800

Friends of Medway Creek


Community members promoting the protection and improvement of the Medway Creek watershed.

Organizational Objectives

The Friends of Medway Creek was established to collaborate with landowners, municipalities and agencies to identify potential restoration activities or sites and to engage the broader Medway Creek community in best management practices.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Clean-up days
  • Invasive-species removal

Volunteer Coordinator

Julie Welker

(519) 451-2800 ext. 255

Contact Us

Friends of Medway Creek
c/o UTRCA, 1424 Clarke Road
London, ON  N5V 5B9

(519) 451-2800 ext. 255
Friends of Medway Creek Website

Friends of Meadowlily Woods Community Association


To preserve and protect the integrity of the Meadowlily area.

Organizational Objectives

The Friends of Meadowlily Woods is a not-for-profit community association dedicated to protecting and preserving the integrity of Meadowlily Woods, Environmentally Significant Area, a natural woodland in our area.  We are also committed to saving the natural and historic nature of our community from inappropriate development that could endanger this natural area. We are interested in protecting and preserving the historic and cultural features of the area.

 Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Cleaning and clearing the area from litter
  • Protection of the natural area by cooperating and coordinating events with Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and the City of London

Volunteer Coordinator

Susan High


Contact Us

Friends of Meadowlily Woods Community Association
141 Meadowlily Road South
London, ON  N6M 1C3


ReForest London

Reforest London LOGO RGBMission

ReForest London is a non-profit organization dedicated to partnering with our community to enhance environmental and human health in the Forest City, through the benefits of trees.

Organizational Objectives

  • Empowerment – Empower community groups, businesses, and individuals to plant and care for trees
  • Ecosystem Health – Improve London’s environmental health through planting trees and shrubs in natural areas, parks, yards and along streets.
  • Education – Educate Londoners about the importance of trees and how to plant and care for them.

Typical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Tree Planters
  • Tree Blitzers
  • Neighbourhood Tree Captains
  • Community Liaisons
  • Tree Specialists

Volunteer Coordinator

Kelsey Nicholls
Email Kelsey
Tel: (519) 936-9548 x221

Contact Us

ReForest London
PO Box 25144
London, ON  N6C 6A9

Tel:  (519) 936-9548

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