Thames River Rally Board Member

We are seeking applicants for three positions on the Thames River Rally Board of Directors.

What does Thames River Rally do?

Thames River Rally is a volunteer group that organizes monthly clean-ups of the Thames River within the city of London.

We believe that a healthy river is the lifeblood of a strong community.
We strive to find the most direct way to help Londoners get involved with cleaning up the Thames. We target one area of the river per rally. Volunteers are welcome to spend as much or as little time as they can afford.

TRR recognizes that there are several groups and organizations likewise motivated to clean up the Thames, and seek to build greater collaborative efforts with these initiatives.

What does the Thames River Rally Board of Directors do?

The Board of Directors oversees direction of Thames River Rally, and it assists with the leadership, organizational development and sustainability of the organization. This is a hands-on Board made up of action oriented individuals.

Who makes up the Thames River Rally Board of Directors?

The Thames River Rally Board of Directors are comprised of engaged and environmentally minded individuals. We aim to have leaders from diverse sectors who share a common passion for the natural environment.

This Board of Directors is “lean & mean”, meaning we make the most of our resources and time. We prefer concrete action and direct results. If you prefer being on a Board that takes on work such as scheduling social media posts, sending out volunteer emails and organizing collaborative events, this is the board for you!

What’s in it for you?

  • the opportunity to have an impact on keeping the Thames River clean
  • the opportunity to use your strengths and skills to help cultivate a strong, cohesive and empowered non-profit
  • the opportunity to gain project management, leadership, collaboration and program development skills
  • the opportunity to develop relationships with a wide variety of dynamic concerned citizens
  • the opportunity to experience a sense of accomplishment, contribution and connection to the community
  • oh, and we like to have fun while we do all of these amazing things

Do you care about the environment and a clean river?

We are seeking strong leaders with a broad range of strengths, skills and experience who are committed to hands on work and direct action to keep the Thames clean.

Specifically, we are seeking individuals who have experience and skills in:

  • Communications & Marketing
  • Social Media & Websites
  • Fundraising
  • Governance

We believe diversity is valuable and strive to involve representatives that reflects our community.


  • Board of Director meetings occur monthly (convenient dates determined as a group)

Expectations of the TRR Board of Directors:

Board of Directors are expected to be active participants in the Thames River Rally governance, activities, and support, committing to a minimum of 4 hours a month. This can be demonstrated through the following:

  • Participating in at least 75% of the BOD meetings each
  • Participating in a Thames River Rally cleanup at least once per
  • Working collaboratively and respectfully with other BOD members.
  • Communicating and promoting the Thames River Rally mission and events to the London community and public
  • Being alert to opportunities, funding and people that can benefit the Thames River Rally over the long term

of term: BOD members serve 2-year terms, and may serve up to two consecutive 2-year terms. After a one-year break in service, former SC members become eligible to serve up to two additional 2-year terms.

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Application cut-off is June 30th 2017.